Sunday, July 8, 2012

Have A Heart!

My latest attempt at needle tatting...

Heart A-Fire designed by RogerL
This is the sweetest design.  As simple as it looks, it still presents a good challenge to us newbies. As torturous as it was, I managed to learn how to join a new thread, bury the tails (sew in the ends)... not my favorite part of the process.  And I learned to put the whole thing together with a "folded join". 

I had started this yesterday, got half done and then messed up.  So I started another one this morning.  Then during breakfast, I promptly knocked over a full glass of apple juice on it and my entire tatting kit!  (Excrement!)  Everything was covered in juice, all the pockets had juice in them and anything in a bag or container had juice in it too.  I gave it all a bath... life is much better now, now that I have a tatted heart.  Awww